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  1. What if you owned a Ford and somebody caleld it a Chevy and insisted you call it a chevy to. That is the logic of those wanting Marriage to be redefined so that they can participate too. I will be resisting that change. I want my marriage to mean the same thing to everyone for all generations I don’t want my great great Great grand-kids to have to ask Was grandpa married to a man or a woman? . Civil unions offer all the same benefits in our state and that is enough for the gay community and all the change needed. Marriage is also a religious term. What if your Bible in your hand somebody insisted you call it Jungle book instead or call Salvation, Banana . To be simple keep things simple don’t change things from what they are or there meaning. if you have some new way of relations that is new and different find a new and different way to call it, Marriage already is taken.

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