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Send your music directly to thousands of DJ’s and Music Industry contacts via email!!!

With so much music being released at a fast pace, it’s hard for DJ’s to keep up with what’s really hot. Our Job is to provide all the DJ’s with the HITS! With our exclusive ATL TOP 20 [Dj Pack] e-mail blast DJ’s can download all the latest music [No Dj drops] with just one click. This new service we provide (since 2009) has helped so many DJ’s stay ahead of the music all across the world. Those days of surfing the internet for countless hours searching for new records are now over!

The average DJ may receive hundreds of emails per day and it’s a good chance your email will be over looked. We’ve included a special bonus tracks section with each DJ Pack to provide a platform for new artist to break their records and make DJ’s aware of whats hot. Our service guarantees genuine recognition + authentic feedback from DJ’s worldwide!
Do your research, hit the Feedback link or click our favorites link on our twitter page @ATLTop20 and check out all the real-time feedback were getting from the hottest artist and DJ’s in the game! Our service is filling a huge void in the DJ community. Salute The DJ’s!!!


Download Locations: Georgia, Virginia, California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Tennesse, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, New Orleans, Oklahoma, Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Colorado, Michigan, Canada, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, India, Trinidad, and Europe.


For more info on Services  or  Advertisement please contact: or 404-514-0647


27 comments on “Contact/About Us

  1. Big S/O to you guys, you have definitely allowed me to stay with the game and I appreciate the emails and packs you provide… I will be spreading the word to artist that can benefit from this platform.

    • The new website looks very good, very smtooh and clean, and the colors are welcoming. Congratsp@!I’m moving to Typepad soon. U were on there before, right?

      • im looking for juicy j song zip n a double cup clean,the song juicy j cant clean also if you have dez can you please send them 2 me tks.

    • I have exclusive music from our label Wyte Music/Hypnotize Minds….Lil Wyte,Lord Infamous,Thug Therapy,Miscellaneous and more……..

    • Dj.Slime get at me.I have some Brand New Music from our Label here at Wyte Music/Hypnotize Minds New Exclusive Thug Therapy ft.Project Pat.”Like Nikki” Remix…

    • I don’t think any your area has the Brand New Exclusive from Wyte Music/Hypnotize Minds Thug Therapy ft.Project Pat “Like Nikki” Remix

  2. It’s time ATL get a dose of Wyte Music/Hypnotize Minds artist Thug Therapy “Like Nikki” Remix ft.Project Pat

  3. im a producer coming up in the mia tring to submitt some bagers to artists / djs can you help me atltop20

  4. whats good thankz to u guys!!!! im rockin these hits back to back. keep up the good work. djsammysam out of pensacola florida

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