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  1. Judy – What if you took several picretus through the week, sometimes ordinary daily activities, sometimes special activities, then pick the ones you like most & have the kids either tell you or write or draw about what they were doing in the pics & how they felt or what they thought about? You can include that when you blog weekly & that will help bring back memories when they see it later in life & help you sorta get into their heads a little. You don’t necessarily have to document every day, cause that would probably be too much for anyone to digest over the years. But snippets here & there would probably be more meaningful. I can remember some really special moments with Jarrod & Grandma Wanda where she would be showing him a bug or a bird’s nest, or when she layed down with him reading a book. What about taking a few pics of the kids at the animal shelter, or planting a couple of seeds, or visiting the nursing home? Just a thought .

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